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Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies

I have to say up front what a joy this month has been musically. It would be an understatement to say its been incredibly fun if not difficult and time consuming to spend an entire month making music a life priority. Music has been all encompassing my waking life and sometimes even dreams.

The challenge was basic enough when we started out: record an EP every month with a handful of songs we could be proud of. Show them off to friends. Rinse. Repeat. But we upped the ante when when I found out about the RPM Challenge. Record an album in 28 days. It was brilliant in its simplicity.

Everyone (or every musician) has an album inside of them. But it's human nature to let life get in the way. We tend to forget those little things matter too. So for many, the RPM Challenge, it seems, was just the catalyst to stir up some of those long lost ambitions or at very least quit procrastinating. It was a deadline to inspire dusting the cobwebs and shaking off the rust and just create something. Anything.

In some ways this collection of music is nowhere near complete. The songs could always use a bit more time for recording, rehashing, reinterpreting, overdubbing, remixing and so on and on and on. But in almost EVERY respect, that was not the point. Instead it served as a way to create a snapshot of one short month in our lives. We experimented, learned and fought through difficulties but to have something to show for it afterwards is a priceless side effect.

But there was something deeper that developed as the challenge continued. For me it was inspiring to see a community of people build connections on the web. People from all over the world were writing and creating music; collectively sharing tips, advice and encouragement for one another's music. It was exciting to find co-workers who were fellow musicians in their spare time. The Challenge and the deadline that loomed gave us something to collectively share, an excuse to finally collaborate with new people, and the drive to to continue. And again, for three friends scattered across the country, it was a way to stay close and share our music and lives.

So as February melts into March, I am just as excited to hear 1000s of other songs of all types as I am to present our small collection of music. Can't wait to start my efforts for March! See you there!

helloMike 02.28.2007

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