hello.music round two – Oxygen 1.5

hello.music I am not sure if this is a step in the forward or backward direction on this track, but I felt like I needed to get something down and help myself out of the musical rut I have been in for awhile. So even if this is a bad direction, it’s still a direction, which makes me happy. So I have remixed this little ditty, creating a little meaner sound for it, to give it that diabolique edge and indie rock finish. The only thing I really added was a couple effected bass tracks. What do you think? Did I crap on my own work? did I add anything worthwhile? should I quit making music all together?

One thing is for certain, I have done something. I think that counts for something in this world of lethargy.

check it:

Oxygen 1.5


next step.. vocals.