FIVE Releases in 2007

Andrew Bird

For music fans, the holiday months can be the best and the worst of times. This being the time when fan and critics alike take stock of all the music of the past year, crafting lists and feverishly pouring over their rankings of the good, bad and ugly. But this is also the most stagnant time of year when when it comes to new albums. So while you wait for that next Shins album to change your life (again), here are five upcoming releases just migh thaw those cold winter doldrums.

FIVE Releases to look forward to in early 2007:

1) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Some Loud Thunder (Jan 30)

As many will recall (who could forget?), the Brooklyn five-piece broke the internet in half in 2005 with their self-titled debut all without assistance of a record deal or press campaign. Since then, fans of the archetype DIY band have been clamoring for the follow-up, Some Loud Thunder. Predictably, its getting major blog buzz due to producer Dave (The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev) Fridmann’s assistance. To curb some of that long anxious wait until the January 30th release, the band has made two tracks available for download on their website.

2) The Frames — The Cost (Feb 20)

The Frames have always seemed on the cusp of breaking out into something bigger. It seems that everyone who knows them, loves them, but that’s just it. Not that many people know The Frames, or its braintrust, Glen Hansard. Already released in overseas, The Cost was recorded live in the studio and captures and expands upon the Irish band’s live sound. On a dime, they can dynamically swing from quiet self-conscious folky dirges to all out swells of energetic guitars and cinematic noise. This album is already on my list of most overlooked albums for 2007 and it’s not even out yet.

3) Ry Cooder — My Name is Buddy (Mar 6)

Rumour has it this album’s moniker and namesake was decided upon while recording the last album. Being sent a mysterious photograph of a cat, the guitar player’s guitar player and Bueno Vista Social Club founder wrote a song cycle of sorts that told Buddy’s story. Instead of focusing on traditional Cuban music this album seems to be tailored towards blues and Americana, something of a return to his early career. Cannot go wrong with Ry.

4) Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha (Mar 20)

Proving on his last album that he can not only be a skillful violinist but a prolific songwriter and composer. Andrew Bird‘s latest follow up will continue on that path and hopefully I will finally get to see him live when he tours behind it this spring. Still not living down skipping out on seeing him and Sam Prekop in Chicago over Thanksgiving 2005. So it goes.

5) Radiohead — untitled seventh album (???)

When is this thing finally coming out? WHEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN??!!??! The heavily anticipated seventh album that people were expecting last year never came. But with last summer’s US tour roadtesting over a dozen new songs, all we can do is wait for them to finish formally recording it. Some of the tour favourites were “Arpreggi,” “Nude” and my personal favourite, the ethereal 70’s Mick Jagger-esque “House of Cards.” You can check in on their glacial process at the band’s official blog Dead Air Space or the all encompassing fan site Green Plastic.

Music fans can also expect new releases this year from The Shins, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, the Sea and Cake, Wilco, Rufus Wainwright, Rilo Kiley, Interpol, Modest Mouse, Wolf Parade, the New Pornographers, Bright Eyes, Feist and so many many more. However half the fun every year is discovering that new artist coming completely out of left field. With all these great artists its shaping up to be a great year for music. What albums are you looking forward to in 2007? Respond in the comment thread or email us at round three — We Sang Modern English Here is version THREE of my newish song from this weekend:

We Sang Modern English v3


I think I’ve made some progress on this and I like it this far in. Obviously choruses still yet to be recorded, and some mixing\mastering needs to be done, etc etc but its getting there. I like that the song is so stripped down as my natural tendency is to add too many layers and that can really ruin a song like this. I want it to come across like that personal moment that people can relate to.

I’m sure there are ways to blast it open and reinvent this this song, make it fatter or build to a fatter sound. Thinking about adding more subconcious level guitars and atmosphere to give it some more warmth, but at its heart, I think it works best as being a bit more open and raw.

Really some of the best lyrics I’ve written I think because they are both personal and universal in some way, but also not completely trite and played out. They sort of allude to these little things the guy is attracted to and the feelings he has in this little moment; this exposed feeling or sentiment of wanting to tell a girl how you feel, but being unsure how she feels back.

I will try to get some more progress on this, the rest of the week and maybe be done with a full song for next week. Something about having the whole house to myself lends itself to more creativity for some reason.

UPDATE: For comparison’s sake, here is We Sang Modern English version TWO.


Not much is drastically different in these arrangements besides the double tracked vocals in the verses.