hello.music — crushed (updated)

Here’s an updated version of this song with some trackings I did this evening. I think it’s an improvement, particularly in the vocal department. I might try toning down the distortedness a bit, but I like them double tracked. Also some empty space left still for a guitar/glock/whistle solo. Anyone? Anyone? Aryn- how would this sound with upright bass?

Version 3


hello.music — Blood Red Skies

hello.musicOkay gents… here is a little change in direction for the song I had been working on… Originally planning for this to be more straight forward and folky but somehow ended up with this. Sort of a combination of the piano sounds on “We Are Abandoned…” mixed with drum stylings of “Autographs” but hopefully its a bit less repetitive and derivative. Vocals coming…once I finish my lyrics.


Blood Red Skies v2b


Another Unlikely Steroids Scandal

Much like the current baseball scandals, it is unknown how much PEDs aided in 50's skillz (if at all).

The New York Times has a report this morning about an emerging scandal within the hip-hop sector as Timbaland, 50 Cent and Wyclef Jean are implicated in a steroids investigation. The article explains of the unlikely (yet not shocking) news:

“The spectacle of hip-hop now is so much greater than it’s ever been,” said Jeff Chang, the author of the hip-hop history “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” “There’s always the battle aesthetic at work, this idea that you’re going to go up there and show that you’re badder than everybody else. It’s part of the swagger that hip-hop carries.”

While obviously used for gratuitous aesthetic purposes, I do wonder what 50 would sound like without performance enhancing drugs. It certainly didn’t help him outsell Kanye last fall.