Interactive: Musicians Remembered

This year seemed to have an incredible amount of important figures pass away, more than most years it feels. And music was no different — including Michael Jackson, Jay Bennett, and shockingly Vic Chesnutt, who died on Christmas Day.

So as 2009 winds down, there’s still more to cover at NPR Music, including the fairly slick multimedia interactive of musicians who died in the last year. I played a big hand in putting this sucker together, from gathering songs and editing all the music clips to hunting down photos and general assembly.

Check it out here.

Best Cover Songs Of 2009

Over at NPR Music, we’re wading through 2009’s best music: the best albums, songs and miscellanea from the past year. It’s admittedly obsessive and music geeky, but hey, that’s what it’s all about.

My main contribution to our coverage is a round-up of the year’s best cover songs, a genre that I can safely say is one of my favorites. This year seemed better than most with an outstanding number of great compilation and tribute albums featuring a wide array of cover songs. Take a look at the list — including my favorite ongoing project, Beck’s Record Club — and see Youtube videos of all my song choices here:

Judging By The Cover: The Best Cover Songs Of 2009

Swipe File: Ventriloquist Edition

Just read a review in Pitchfork of garage rock outfit, Turbo Fruits, a side project of sorts from the folks of the late Be Your Own Pet.

But really, I clicked on the link because of the rather familiar album art. Surely I’m not the first person to point this out the similarities with these two covers right?

Cover to Turbo Fruits‘ new album, Echo Kid:

Cover to Blood Sweat and Tears’ 1968 album Child Is The Father To The Man:

NPR Song Of The Day: The Clientele, ‘Harvest Time’

Some time ago — way back in October — I thought the new record by The Clientele, Bonfires on the Heath was durn good, so good so that I wrote a review of it for NPR Music’s Song of the Day. I even compared the band to a Polaroid picture. Then we got distracted with end of decade coverage, end of year coverage and a mountainous heap of other work. And I forgot I had even written this. Well it’s live now. And the song “Harvest Time” still sounds pretty good to me. Very “fall” sounding. Take a listen and read the review here: The Clientele: Pop On A Polaroid

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Tiny Desk Concert: Lightning Dust (and more…)

Over at NPR Music, I continue my reign of recent Tiny Desk Concert videos that I’ve helped put together. This week, is Lightning Dust, who put out one of my favorite albums of the year, Infinite Light. This video is infectious thanks to the wonderful harmonies of the two female singers, presumably sisters.

Take a look below, and read my little write up here on the website.

Also on NPR Music today, I contribute to the Take Five series’ Top 10 Jazz Records of 2009 list as part of our end of year coverage. Here I write about one of my favorite guitarists, Nels Cline — notably of Wilco fame — who put out a great jazz/rock/folk/minimalist album Coward.