Old Things That Are New To Me: Sebadoh’s ‘Punk Moon’

Earlier today, my friend and co-worker Lars tweeted:

“Accidentally typed “Punk Moon” instead of “Pink Moon.” Oh, Nick Drake, the world would have been so different.”

Which got me to reply:

How hasn’t there been a punk tribute to Nick Drake yet? We got the title right there! How do we make this happen?

Thanks to another friend, and former intern, I was tipped off to an amazing cover of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” played by early ’90s indie rockers Sebadoh. Though a grainy old performance video from 1995, it was clearly a solid, powerful punk-ed out version of the iconic folk song. “Why didn’t they ever record this?” I wondered. But of course, things being the internet and all, I quickly found that they DID record a studio version of this song:

The song appeared on Sebadoh’s 1992 album Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock, a compilation album of songs from their Rocking the Forest EP and their Sebadoh vs. Helmet EP. The record served as the band’s Sub Pop debut. While I’m a big fan of Sebadoh, I’ll freely admit I haven’t heard everything, and mostly know their albums The Freed Man, Sebadoh III and Bubble And Scrape. Looks like I have some more homework to do. It’s always cool to find out something new from a band like this.

Wild Flag Dons Creepy Masks In ‘Romance’

There’s just so much to like about this Tom Scharpling-directed video of Wild Flag’s “Romance.” 1) Carrie Brownstein complaining about square-shaped pie charts; 2) Janet Weiss vacuuming in janitorial jumpsuit; 3) creepy masks; 4) knocking over all the Merge albums off the shelves; 5) a bucket full of coffee; 6) dreamlike midday work excursions. On top of all that, it’s a well-crafted performance video. And it rocks.

Wild Flag – Romance from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Wilco, ‘Born Alone’

I just cannot get enough of this new Wilco album. It seems like every listen reveals something new in a different song, which is something you probably couldn’t say about the last couple records. Anyway, there’s a new video directed by Mark Greenberg for Wilco’s “Born Alone” from their superb new album The Whole Love. I can’t wait to hear this song live in concert. It will be amazing.

Wye Oak, ‘Holy Holy’

At one point this spring I was probably listening to Wye Oak’s record Civilian multiple times a day every day. It was perhaps a bit much, but it speaks to how great these songs are and how stunning the band is. One of my favorite songs, especially live in concert, is “Holy Holy.” Check out the new video, directed by Jeremy Johnstone.

Wye Oak – Holy Holy from Merge Records on Vimeo.