an invisible gun to the temple…

Our site ( recently posted a clock counting down to our next album. Technically it will be our first done the right way. But this clock slowly ticks down to the supposed drop date of Tuesday April 2nd 2007 when we expect to have it finished and ready to sell. We figured that we would want the album composed, recorded, mixed and mastered in roughly one year…which is about Feb 2007. We gave ourselves 2 extra months to finalize reproduction and mass copying, packaging\liner notes\artwork etc. So there you have the April deadline.

Seems like a reasonable goal. But in its few days up I have found that this constant clock ticking down really makes me on edge. I feel like I now have an expiration date and that I am now a bit nervous I only have 436 days to get this thing done. I think if I could write all the songs by April, I would be in good shape to record by the summer. But the counter essentially puts an invisible gun to my head making me feel a bit guilty of procrastination when I dont take time to work on this. I can feel the mortality of the project slipping away if i dont write 2 songs by tomorrow. Or the next and so on.

Then maybe this will kick our asses a bit to stop fucking around like we have all these years and make an album we are finally all proud of and sellable. I feel I owe it to myself to make this work after all time and effort I have spent writing, practicing, studying, performing music. This could be great… but now i should quit writing, get back to work so i can make my deadline on this behemouth.

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