Drink Your Own Blood and Save…

Tonight, while playing guitar I turned on Sunday night’s episode of the Simpsons. I don’t usually tune in much anymore to the once-great show. In some ways its a shadow of its former glory, but still funnier than most other dreck on TV (see: Family Guy, American Dad et al).

But then something stood out. In the opening scene, Marge, Homer and Bart are shopping at a really crappy used bookstore at a rundown shopping mall. As Homer picks up an unwanted DIY carpentry book, I noticed another book behind them on a shelf; a book that very distinctly was titled Kansas City Royals: Forever Champions.

Simpsons & Royals

Someone on the Simpsons must be either a) a Royals fan or b) an embarrassed, self-depricating Royals fan. Only someone familiar with the perpetual woes of the Royals would be able to perfectly mock Kansas City’s often pathetic grasp of 1985 nostalgia…and only fitting for that book to show up in a rundown discount mall bookstore. The Simpsons might not be what it once was at its peak, but I have to say that even in it’s 18th (!!!) season, it still manages to bring great moments of pop culture satire.

To see the clip in context go here.

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