hello.music round three – Make Sure (Live From Luxembourg Theatre 2007)


This one was created from a drum track that I laid down a few months ago and recenty rediscovered. After playing around with the bass track I felt like it had a very live feel to it, and decided to (after also discovering the g-band audience noise) try and simulate a live show sound. I think it works pretty well, being a short track, I would envision it being a set closer or something.

The vocals on this one are meant to be long drawn out segments to help pad over the musical background. I had fun making this one, as its something different than (I think) I have tried before. Anyway let me know what ye thinks…

Make Sure (Live From Luxembourg Theatre 2007)


5 thoughts on “hello.music round three – Make Sure (Live From Luxembourg Theatre 2007)”

  1. This is great… perfect mix of anthemic arena rock, ethereal Brit pop and shoegaze. id love to hear a repeating chorus at the near end to really drive up the singability to this…but it has a great Bowie\My bloody valentine type mood. Well done..

    Where do you see this going…or is this more done?

  2. I was thinking it was done.. but I would be open to the idea of trying a whole “live” album by some band that doesn’t exist..

    I think my lyrics are intentionally vague/hard to make out.. but I agree that a repeated phrase at the end would be a nice touch.. I am afraid that it would be quite a feat to extend this one as its based on a set drum loop, and I am not sure my drum skillz are good enough to play with the other bits ..

    but I could create another song in this set. maybe even next week?

  3. i loved it. it’s going to be a huge hit in auckland, new zealand for certain. just promise to stay humble once you’re famous.

  4. Its only natural that our first outside comment on the blog is for Aryn. I think its b\c he is living with this commenter’s sister. Scandalous.

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