hello.music round four – By Looking Out of My Window (The Concertina Song)

hello.musicWith no further introduction, I proudly present:

By Looking Out of My Window (The Concertina Song).


Be on the lookout for posts coming soon about the refurbishment of my ebay concertina, which for me involves using a craft store hot glue gun on rattling surfaces.

5 thoughts on “hello.music round four – By Looking Out of My Window (The Concertina Song)”

  1. Greg this is fantastic. I can’t decide if it needs some distorded bass runs added to it or if it would be better to just leave it alone. Great melody/chords/beats..

    i might like to play around with this sometime too if you wouldnt mind my meddling with your work.

  2. Thanks! The concertina is so much fun to play, so I will probably start doing more with it. I will send you the raw data for Ableton Live/GarageBand crunching tonight. Feel free to add as many distorted bass runs and other arynadds as you see fit.

    Actually, I have a vocal melody and lyrics that consist of repeating over and over:

    I think it’s going to snow.
    I think it’s going to snow.
    By looking out my window.
    By looking out my window.

  3. This could really be a song in that DeVotchKa or Yann Tiersen vein. I love the simplicity and fragility of the whole thing like it could just crumble at at time. What percussives are you using… sounds like a Kalimba (thumb harp?)… And the rest are electronic on Live?

    Did you record this in Live or Garageband?

    I would also like to add some guitar to this as well. I think a fraile trebley guitar line or some light chords would be cool. Sounds great.

  4. Here are my instruments:

    ride cymbal played with brush
    floor tom played with fingers
    thumb piano

    the only effects are on the floor tom, which i think i will go back and take off.

    done in garageband late last night to be quick and easy. i’m glad you guys have ideas for it- i meant it as a rather silly song that probably wouldn’t go anywhere, but by all means take it and run.

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