hello.music round five — I am the King of Sad Retorts

hello.musicHere is I am the King of Sad Retorts version two.


Added some sonic textures and guitars and such to the song and did a first mixdown on Live. But still need to pen some lyrics and track vocals to know where to fill it out. Sure would like to have lyrics in mind before I write a song the next time…it makes things considerably easier when structuring out the song. Thoughts?

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  1. Mike- What is the guitar effect you are using on the single note guitar part? Actually, I really like all the guitar parts- just came across the distorted strummings towards the end. What was done in Garageband and what was done in Live?

  2. Glad you like the guitar sounds.. I was wary about adding them at first but I think it makes the song less cheesy. To get those distortions and garbles and swells I basically thumb-strummed lightly but really fast over the strings with my right hand with my guitar effects set to a high reverb, some echo and some distortion, both from my foot pedals but also my compy. Its a mix of garageband and live for this and some doubling of tracks w\ different post production effects to bring out those upper harmonics. I think it came out nicely…

  3. I think the real effects and micing a real amp makes the sound of the guitar that much more robust and authentic sounding. Modeling amps and such is nice, but sometimes I like the control and the sound of a guitar played in a real room with all the imperfections and harmonics it creates.

    Footpedals for me are more dynamic right now because I can control the amount of distortion, the swell and frequency of the wah or active volume dynamics with an expression pedal. I’m just more used to it and it feels more like playing a guitar than when I’m simply plugged in.

    I do like to go direct though and I really do like the Garageband amp sounds for the most part. When I’ve exported them as wave files to Live I can add many more effects to the chain for ambiance and depth. Still trying to find that sweet spot in recording where I can get the sound and effect I want without it sounding too overly processed and forced.

    What kind of rig are you using when you record guitars? I’m curious what how you go about recording and tracking instruments…best methods and practices. This might be beneficial to all of us as the next group of songs are soon due.

  4. Here are some lyrics I came up with tonight. A little obvious and a lotta sad bastard…but with a name llike “sad retorts” what else can it be? Channelling my inner Jeff Tweedy and Ben Gibbard here but then you gotta steal before you can be your own I suppose.

    i want to be a writer
    but i dont know what to write
    i want to be a boxer
    but i dont like to fight

    i want to buy and aeroplane
    but i havent learned to fly
    id like to be a million things
    to escape this lonely life

    and so we sit in silence
    ignoring the faces on the tv set
    i want to say i love you
    because saying nothing is my one regret

    but ive got nothing to say
    im sorry to report
    i am the king of sad retorts

    i could leave for the station
    without telling you anything
    id call you on the telephone
    and hang up before it rings

    so i start to breakdown
    and I try to hold my breath
    then you take my hand to calm
    my nerves and pounding chest

    but ive got nothing to say
    im sorry to report
    i am the king of sad retorts

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