hello music – This Song is Untitled

Ok so this is one I have had in the works since last month, and here is the newer version ( a shell anyway) improved, and ready for production. This one still needs:

Thicker guitar sounds (esp at the end) – Mike?
Drums (all around) – Greg?
Lyrics – All?
Bass – (all around) – Greg? can you do this, I am really not very happy with the sounds I am getting (or not getting) from my setup here.. It needs more cojones!

I would like for all of us to harmonize some vocals on here, I have the main melody figured out, and some ideas for the ending section, but I am still not sure what needs to happen with that interlude section towards the front, might need to be taken out entirely, or severely added to. Anyway, this one still has some work to be done. What do you think?

This Song is Untitled. (working title)


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  1. This has a lot of potential as I was telling you before. But without much connective tissue or lyrics to tie all these various parts together, the song feels both a little long and a little ADD to me. You could probably shorten up some of the vamps and verses and essentially tighten this up to a really strong 4minute song. You are right it really needs to be filled out and orchestrated to make the sections sound crisp.

    Do you have lyrical ideas for this?

    Also, a few questions for both of you:

    1) do you keep a book of some sort to write lyrical ideas in?

    2) do you find that you sit down and hope something comes to you, or do you work on on a song away from the computer beforehand?

    3) how many takes do you normally obsess on before you finally decide its good enough for now?

    4) do you pick a certain artist or genre you want to model a song on, or is it a bit less calculated and you go with what youre hearing at that particular time?

  2. OK- I’m going to work on this tonight. It is a little ADHD, but I like it that way. It makes it unique to you. Can you post the most recent garage band file? I think if we make the guitars less looped (not so many pauses) and sync up more of the parts, it will be going in the right direction. I really like the vocal melody, so lets add some lyrics to that as well. It’s nice when the acoustic guitar plays that line as well. And the glockenspiel?

    To answer Mike:
    1) Yes. Small moleskine. Usually I organize it by complete song rather than page after page of little riffs.
    2) I usually work away from the computer first- either the guitar or piano. Just to get an idea. I am also trying to force myself to get a vocal melody idea too before recording on the computer. Easier said than done.
    3) I usually do a few takes and say “fuck it, that’s good enough.”
    4) I”m definitely not that calculated and usually just go with the flow… actually, this is me not having a well defined style.

  3. I am going to update this hopefully today and get a newer working version up and running.. The acoustic guitar was added to flesh out the song structure, but now going back and listening its much too long. So my plans are to pare it down a bit, tighten up the sections / backups and get this rolling.

    Oh and the glockenspiel is there to clarify the melody, so now i can play it on guitar AND vocals AND piano! such wondermint and excitement.

  4. Mike: any way i can help you sort it out
    Aryn: cool
    Aryn: i will let you know
    Mike:: seems like youre reluctant
    Aryn: if you have any thought son the bridge
    Aryn: i might be stuck
    Mike: true
    Mike:: i think you should go w\ the the method for your songs that if you cannot play it all the way through simply on a guitar or piano and strip it down, it needs more work
    Mike:: you cant just automatically create a song as soon as you hit record
    Mike:: you know
    Aryn: yeah , i can play it from start to finish
    Mike:: but does it sound like a song?
    Aryn: i just need to sit down and spend some time on it
    Mike:: thats what i mean
    Aryn: yeah i think it will once i get some vocals to tie it together
    Aryn: i will work on that this morning in tandem with working .. if thats possilbe
    Mike:: your ideas tend to be a bit scattered b\c youre not simplifiying it to essential and recognizeable parts
    Aryn: well, i feel like they are recognizable .. maybe because i am the one playing them/ hearing over and over
    Aryn: but you might be right
    Mike:: i think that is my outside thought
    Aryn: its a valid point though.. maybe that would help me with this one..
    Mike:: i have a hard time hearing ANY influences come through at all, therefore i have no basis of comparison to come up w\ new ideas
    Aryn: strip it down even more .. get rid of some of the parts
    Mike:: just tighten it up
    Mike:: its just very scattered sounding
    Mike:: i dont know what genre it really isf
    Mike:: besides rock
    Aryn: yeah
    Aryn: i’m not sure either..
    Mike:: i dont know what kind of guitar sounds you want
    Mike:: or if it needs synths
    Mike:: or the mood
    Mike:: im not trashing you, im just trying to talk you through it so you can make these decisions
    Aryn: oh i know..
    Mike: im a litte OVER transparent w\ my influences
    Mike: so it goes both ways
    Aryn: i welcome the suggestions
    Aryn: sure ..
    Aryn: its definitely something i need to work on
    Mike: try copying a style you like
    Mike: youll ulitmately fail at mirroring it exactly
    Mike: but that is where your own style comes in
    Mike: and something new will come out of it
    Aryn: yeah

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