hello.music round twelve — Third Take

hello.musicOkay here is my first attempt at the vocals and lyrics… I’m sending this out for both Aryn & Greg to critique and also to help Greg figure what I have in mind for vocal placement so he can hear his drum part more clearly. This could and should change melodically and lyrically I hope once I refine it.

Here is version 2a of “Third Take.”



UPDATE: Here is my first attempt at drums for this, version 2b.


I only recorded a few bars then cut and pasted to help get the structure down. I’m planning to record this all as one take tommorow. ~Greg

UPDATE 3\29: Greg sent tracks tonight for drums, toms, tambourine and miscellaneous hihat noises. I did a preliminary mixdown of those to integrate into the song. The first vocal track is still in place but will need some major overhaul.

Here is version 3.


More tommorow. ~Mike

UPDATE 3\30: For comparison’s sake, here is version three with no vocals to get the full sound of the mix without the soon to be aborted lyrics.