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hello.musicWell, Ive been absent the past few weeks mainly due to moving, but mostly due to being unmotivated. I think it’s starting to creep back into me, so I shall post here to get back into the habit. It’s nice to be settling down after the move, so I’m looking forward to doing more recording in the evenings. I probably won’t take either of these too much farther, but here they are regardless!

home recording 1


home recording 2


One thought on “hello.music – home recording”

  1. welcome back to the fold! I think you NEED to keep on these as they have SO much potential. i could almost hear these as the same song, if you use the first as an intro of sorts and then melting away into the second only to sort of go back and forth between the two in a verse, chorus sort of theme style.

    in the first i could instantly hear where i would drop the drums in, and then some noisy guitar to fill it out …especially if you returned to this theme after bringing in lyrics.

    these ideas are sounding fresh and you can hear the melodies wanting to come out. keep at these and either have 1 great song or 2 great songs from it. i will be happy to add stuff to these.

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