hello.shuffle 2 (day 1 of 5)

Welcome to day 1 of 5 in our hello.shuffle 2

Mike’s Songs

1) ‘Its Good to Be in Love’ by Frou Frou (Details)

While it might sound funny, and though this is a solid pop confection, the synth electronic pop of the last few years (Frou Frou, Postal Service etc) is starting to sound a bit dated to me. Perhaps its just a bit more bubblegum sounding than what I am looking for right now, but this song is a bit too clean. When I saw Imogen Heap almost exactly a year ago, she took the basic construction of these songs and was able to bring them to life right in front of us. I think that allowed her to develop ideas in a more raw and less calculated way…and it payed off. The songs were livlier and more fresh. The way Imogen’s lilting and resonant voice fits with the flairs of synths and broken beats later in the climax of the song are quite nice. After this and her solo record, I am curious to hear whether she takes a step forward into something more eclectic or at least what she comes up with next.

Greg’s Songs

1) ‘Stuck In a Moment You Can’t Get Out of’ by U2 (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)

I actually really like All That You Can’t Leave Behind, but then again I am a sucker for U2. This particular song is a pretty decent, inspiring, rock ballad. It makes me want to stand up, forget my problems, and solve world poverty!! Oooh… I like this part towards the end, about 3:30 into the song, when they do the falsetto octave harmony. The synth sax sounds are really cheesy, though. They should ditch that.

Aryn’s Songs

1) ‘I See You, You See Me’ by The Magic Numbers (The Magic Numbers)

Never really got into this band, and this album has sit dormant on my iPod for some time now. Its ok, not really my cup of tea, maybe the vocals I just don’t like, or the college rock sound that I am tired of. Or it could be that romantic call and answer between the two singers that grates.. oh well. Dont feel the need to listen to the rest of the album after hearing this one song.

Stay tuned…day two tomorrow. Feel free to email us at helloshuffle2@hellocomein.com or leave comments here if you like. Send in your own shuffle playlist, we’ll post the best one.

5 thoughts on “hello.shuffle 2 (day 1 of 5)”

  1. I don’t think I would like Imogen Heap as much if I were just hearing for the first time now. Hide and Seek is so overused now that it’s lost its original luster. I do admit, some of her songs are a bit cheesy, but she’s so good (and cheery) live that I’m inclined to love sounds I would probably otherwise dislike.

  2. Magic Numbers dont really have that college rock sound to me… I like that record for its happy 60s sounding pop rock stuff… reminds me of an indie brit version of the Mamas & the Papas.

  3. Well maybe I should give the whole record another listen. It could be just this track that inspires that college sound..

  4. I listened to this song on the metro on the way home today and thought it was okay… I’m sort of a sucker for male\female harmony. Opening track on this record is pretty strong though.

  5. Speaking of being a sucker for male/female harmony, I love the female vocals on Andrew Bird’s latest. Spare-ohs and Scythian Empires are good examples.

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