Moving On Up to Touch the Sky

Today in the middle of some rather tedious work, this song popped up on my iPod:


The song of course is Curtis Mayfield‘s classic “Move On Up.” With is amazing funky groove and even funkier, incredibly recognizable horn arrangements, it served as a nice late afternoon energy boost.

I then naturally had to go listen to “Touch the Sky,” perhaps my favorite Kanye West song (from the Jon Brion co-produced Late Registration). The song features those same distinctive horn lines set to its own killer beats.


Now those riffs will be rattling around in my brain all weekend*. Could be worse…

*UPDATE 7\14: Sure enough this horn line echoed in my brain ALL bloody weekend. I was at the Washington Nationals\Houston Astros game where I continued to find myself whistling the notes in line for chili dogs, while in the rest room, while keeping score. My sister kept catching me every time I began to sign or whistle it, even under my breath. No THAT’s a catchy hook.