Best Song I’ve Heard All Day — Early 2011 Favorite

(part 943 in a 1001 part series)

I’ve only just now gotten around to listening to this band Yuck this weekend after their debut album came across my desk this past week. But wow… I think I might have a new favorite for 2011 and the year hasn’t even started yet.

This song “Rubber” in particular grabs immediately with some of the beefiest shoegazer distortion I’ve heard this side of black metal and ’90s grunge. But once you get into its melodic trance, it becomes so cathartic. The band can be powerful poppy garage rock or they can be sweetly melancholy and minimal. Mark my words, this band will be one the interblogs will be talking about this year — at least until some sort of backlash happens. But enjoy it while you can.

Check out their weird and pretty gross at times, yet strangely beautiful (and NSFW) video for “Rubber.” Beware, it has both a nude woman and extreme closeups of dogs getting washed and groomed. Do what you will with that information.

Yuck – Rubber from Yuck on Vimeo.

And for a bonus, here’s a couple more videos — for their song “Georgia:”

Yuck – Georgia from Yuck on Vimeo.

…and for their song “Automatic” from the Weakend EP:

Yu(c)k – Automatic from Yuck on Vimeo.