NPR First Listen: Phish, ‘Fuego’

Phish's 'Fuego' is out now.
Phish’s ‘Fuego’ is out now.

This was originally written for NPR Music’s First Listen series. Read the rest over at NPR Music or Soundcheck.

Whether you know its work or just its reputation, you’ve probably already made up your mind about Phish. Maybe you love the band and its music, maybe you can’t stand them, or maybe you liked them and have since moved on to other things. Phish is one of the most dynamic and celebrated live acts in all of music, with a loyal community any artist would envy, but it’s also divisive. This is a band that inspires passion with its multipart compositions, meandering improvisations, playful (often nonsensical) lyrics and unwavering positivity. For the same reasons, it also courts punchlines from its fervent detractors.

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