First Listen: Son Lux, ‘Bones’

Son Lux's Bones is out June 23. (Courtesy of the artist)
Son Lux’s Bones is out June 23. (Courtesy of the artist)

Had the chance to write about one of my favorite artists, musicians — and now bands — Son Lux, a.k.a. Ryan Lott. Now a full band with Ian Chang and Rafiq Bhatia, Son Lux has just put out another fantastic record, Bones, which I got to hear a preview of last week at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. Spent a lot of time delving into the intricacies and themes of this album, for NPR Music’s First Listen series. Check that out here and go buy this record and see the band live!

Here’s just a taste, with this incredible video for “Change Is Everything.”