A Seizure-Inducing Video From Kanye

Kanye West just dropped a new video for “All Of The Lights” directed by directed by Hype Williams and featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi. And wow, this video starts out with a dramatically stark intro of a little girl, gorgeously filmed in black and white. But get past that plaintive piano and cello intro and it explodes into a seizure-inducing strobe of color and retro ’80s/’90s typography. This one will make your brain melt if you watch it in full-screen mode. But the video sure looks great, especially when Rihanna shows up in that “Fifth Element” top she’s got on. As for the song, it’s got that typical Kanye swagger/ego mixed in with some pathos about wanting to be a better father. Decent song, great video.

UPDATE: Just got tipped off that the typography from the video is remarkably similar to the opening credits to the film Enter The Void:

Wow, it’s like Kanye and Hype Williams ripped it off wholesale.