Talk Show Roundup: Dirty Projectors Debut New Work

From time to time I like to tune in to the telly to see what bands are making the rounds on the late night talk show circuit on programs like Letterman, Conan, Fallon and the like…

So, last night this happened on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Not content to simply perform a tune from their great album Bitte Orca, Dirty Projectors debuted a new song instead, “When The World Comes To An End.” It’s just great.

Best Song I’ve Heard All Day — Llama Edition

(part 687 in a 1001 part series)

I’ve really been enjoying the new album by Dirty Projectors, Bitte Orca. It’s a complicated and challenging record, but the complexities are rewarding if you spend some time with these songs.

Take a listen to one of the highlights “Stillness Is the Move” and watch this great new video directed by Matthew Lessner.


*Note: You may or may not recall that I first covered Dirty Projectors in 2007 in this Song of the Day review.

NPR Song of the Day: The Dirty Projectors, ‘Rise Above’

Dirty Projectors' Rise Above is out now.
Dirty Projectors’ Rise Above is out now.

Here’s a piece I wrote about Dirty Projectors’ completely reinvented cover of “Rise Above” — the classic punk anthem by Black Flag — for NPR’s Song of the Day. Check out the song here.

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