Video: Papercuts’ ‘Do What You Will’

A few weeks ago I wrote about Papercuts’ newest album Fading Parade as part of NPR Music’s First Listen series in which we previewed the entire record. It was there I wrote “Jason Robert Quever may not be a household name, and you may not know his sound. But the music he creates as Papercuts always sounds comfortably familiar, even when you hear it for the first time.”

It’s that tone — be it the sound of his music, or in the topics he addresses that carries over into this video. Quever is in a familiar awkward party setting feeling out of his element or too shy to interact, something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Soon the video turns into something all more surreal and dreamlike, a perfect fit for his psychedelic pop songs. Be sure to check out this album: It’s subtle but rewarding.

You can also see an excellent live promo video of Papercuts performing the same song at a house party from Yours Truly and Sub Pop: