Talk Show Roundup: Grizzly Bear & The Flaming Lips Play Conan

From time to time I like to tune in to the telly to see what bands are making the rounds on the late night talk show circuit…

We had two notable back to back talk show appearances this week:

On Monday night, Grizzly Bear performed indie hit “Two Weeks” from Veckatimest on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.” They were joined by Beach House’s Victoria Legrand to sing those heavenly backing vocal lines.

Check it out here:

And Tuesday night, The Flaming Lips visited Conan as well to play the fantastic closer from Embryonic called “Watching The Planets.”

Wow. Both are just stunning.

Reblogging: Flaming Lips First Listen

So I had the noble task of hearing the new album from The Flaming Lips, Embryonic, about a month ahead of time and then getting to write a short entry about it for NPR Music.

We are featuring the album on the website, in its entirety for the next few days, so take a listen and see what you think. Me? I think it’s awesome.

Best Song I’ve Heard All Day — Psych Pop Edition

(parts 731-733 in a 1001 part series)

I cannot express how much I am looking forward to the new Flaming Lips album Embryonic, which arrives in stores on October 13. From what I’ve heard of the pre-leaked tracks, the band sounds to be taking another sonic shift… a bit more psychedelia and noise than the last few albums. I was probably one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed At War With The Mystics, but I can see why people thought it was a bit too similar to Yoshimii and were subsequently underwhelmed.

Anyway here are all the songs so far…

Silver Trembling Hands:


Convinced Of The Hex:


The Impulse:


See The Leaves: