RPM Challenge 2009: Hello Come In, ‘You Can’t Find Your Way Outside’

Hello Come In's 2009 RPM Challenge album, 'You Cant Find Your Way Outside.'
Hello Come In’s 2009 RPM Challenge album, ‘You Cant Find Your Way Outside.’

We know it’s been years since you’ve heard from the crew over at hellocomein.com, but fear not young maidens and noble gentlemen, the beast has not been slain permanently. After our year-long hiatus, we’ve had a productive month of February, and created the newest edition in the ongoing melodrama: You Can’t Find Your Way Outside.

This undertaking was written, performed, and recorded (mostly) in the month of February for the famed RPM Challenge. For those unaware, the RPM Challenge, costs no money to enter, does not provide any winnings of millions for the best entries, and really, is merely a catalyst to inspire people to get out of their nightly taco-flavored-Dorrito-fueled reality television watching lifestyle, and get them to make music for the sake of making music. The rules are simple: you have the month of February to completely create either 35 minutes of music, or 10 songs — whichever comes first.

Listen to our attempt at greatness: Some songs are pure genius, while others only part genius. But it’s safe to say that you will either be crying from joy, or despair, or not at all, after listening. The point of the project is not true perfection of the final product, but the process of creating and making music. We hope that comes across in these new songs.

Please leave comments here in the blog about what you love/hate/don’t care about, to help encourage us to create again, or give up for good.

Thanks and good night sweet princes.

~Aryn & Mike
Hello Come In — Chicago & Washington D.C. Divisions

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1. White Walls
2. Half Awake
3. The Winch
4. The Academy Of Birds
5. Yellow Matter
6. You Are The Sea
7. Why The Oceans Matter
8. This Is A Fire
9. Music Box

Produced by Mike Katzif
Recorded and Engineered by Aryn Crowley and Mike Katzif
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Katzif and Hello Come In
at Hello Come In Studios, Washington DC & Chicago IL; February 2009
Artwork and layout design by Mike Katzif
Cellos on “Yellow Matter” by Thomas Pierce
Special Thanks to Greg Johnson, Robin Hilton, and our dozen fans.
All Songs by Mike Katzif, Aryn Crowley and Hello Come In, Copyright 2009

RPM Challenge 2009: Weekend Progress Report

Spent most of this weekend out of town and in airports and hotel rooms. But I did have a chance to mix a bit during that time and spent most of today recording. Here is the progress report:

Half Awake (v4a) — Finally tracked verses two and three… not sure about a few lines here and there and might retrack if there’s time… But otherwise, I’m calling this one relatively done: Warts and all, it’s as good as it’s likely gonna get.

“Half Awake” v4a by Mike Katzif


Why The Oceans Matter (v3d) — Here’s a song Aryn wrote and bumped over to me to start mixing and adding a few things on my own. Not quite there yet, but it’s different and has lots of potential. He has a few more in the works but I’ll let Aryn chime in here later about this if he so desires.

“Why The Oceans Matter” v3d by Aryn Crowley (MK Mix)


Slack Stringed (v3a) — Another shelved and long forgotten song, now refreshed and reworked in honor of RPM. Aryn added some drums to this and will add a bit more sooner than later. I am also planning on refining my lyrics for this (half written, still untracked) so stay tuned…

“Slack Stringed” v3a by Mike Katzif

That’s all for now…

RPM Challenge 2009: The Song Graveyard

In the last week I’ve refreshed some interest in a few song ideas I had either started and aborted or just had rattling around but never committed to working on. Here is a progress report on what I’ve got so far:

This Is A Fire (v2d) — This song still needs major refinement of lyrics and better melodies, but I think I like where it’s vaguely pointing to: simple electronic background music and sequenced drums and not much else.

“This Is A Fire” v2d by Mike Katzif


Yellow Matter (v3a) — Sunday night I did write some lyrics for this song and track an attempt at a melody and vocal harmonies here, but really found it loathsome to listen to after the fact. So back to the drawing board, yet with some lessons learned and ideas on how to fix later on. Otherwise I really like the music to this, with an amazing assist on the great cello arrangements by my friend and fellow NPR type, Thomas Pierce.

“Yellow Matter” v3a by Mike Katzif


Half Awake (v3b) — This is a song that I started a couple days before February but including here still. Not much progress here in terms of those elusive 2nd and 3rd verses. But its getting there and ready to move on once those are tracked.

“Half Awake” v3b by Mike Katzif


White Walls v2a — Here is an instrumental thing I started on that basically repeats over and over again, but could be fodder for some lyrics. Now with drums by Aryn.

“White Walls” v2a by Mike Katzif

That’s all for now… stay tuned.