Morning Commute Music Shuffle: 8 Feb 2012

A slightly abridged version of the songs that came up on shuffle on my iPod during my morning commute. A few I skipped over, but otherwise, here it is.

1) ARCADE FIRE, “Lenin” from Dark Was The Night

2) THE NATIONAL, “Lit Up” from Alligator

3) THE BEATLES, “Because” from Love

4) RADIOHEAD, “Idioteque” from Kid A

5) GROUNDTRUTHER, “Jupiter Mask” from Longitude

6) TOM WAITS, “Baby Gonna Leave Me” from Real Gone

7) MY BLOODY VALENTINE, “Nothing Much To Loose” from Isn’t Anything

8) XTC, “Knuckle Down” from English Settlement

9) THE PIXIES, “Something Against You” from Surfer Rosa

10) THE BAD PLUS, “Radio Cure” from For All I Care

11) BEE GEES, “Whisper Whisper” from Odessa

12) FIONA APPLE, “To Your Love” from When the Pawn…

13) KANYE WEST, “Get Em’ High” from The College Dropout

14) ISOTOPE 217, “Audio Boxing” from The Unstable Molecule

15) THE FLAMING LIPS, “Waiting For Superman” from The Soft Bulletin

The Muppets Play The Beatles

So I’ve heard some of The Beatles’ remasters coming out next Wednesday (9/9/09!!!) and all I can say is that they’re stunning. I’ve heard a handful of tracks from all the albums — standouts from what I’ve heard seem to be “I Am The Walrus,” “I’ve Got A Feeling,” “Daytripper,” “She’s Leaving Home” etc — plus all of Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour in their entirety.

I’ll be sure to write up more once I have the full stereo box set in my possession next week. But in anticipation, here is a bit of Beatles-related ephemera.