Wilco, Live At The Vic

I had the opportunity to fly to Chicago last week to catch Wilco at The Vic Theatre, the third night of a five-night run in Chicago. What made this run special was the fact that each night was a different venue, at increasingly smaller venues: Civic Opera House, Rivieria Theatre, Vic Theatre, Metro and ending Sunday night at Lincoln Hall. It was a very cool week of hometown shows that spread the love of each venue that made each night different and a treat for fans.

The only real repeated songs were tunes off the new album The Whole Love. Otherwise, our show was filled with older songs (“The Lonely 1”), rarer songs (“A Magazine Called Sunset”) and lots of great stuff from A Ghost Is Born and Being There. A few of the other highlights were “Radio Cure,” “Art of Almost,” “One Sunday Morning,” and “At Least That’s What You Said.” You can see a full set list here.

Here’s a video of the night’s second song “Hell Is Chrome.”