keith olbermann grows some, um how you say, cojones…

I might be a bit behind the curve on this one (in fact I know I am)… Somehow admist the static fallout of political talking heads following President Clinton’s appearance on Fox News a few weekends ago, I missed this long commentary of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. While everyone else (ahem..Fox News…) was spewing rhetoric and attacking Clinton for his apparant freakout meltdown during the interview, some people were actually providing some intersting context.

And though even Olbermann goes the theatrical route (one less traveled, however) of leftist attacking of Fox News and more importantly the Bush Administration, he brings up some interesting points. Its nice to see someone keeping a proper box score.

I am mostly suprised that a) he was allowed to have such a commentary and b) that MSNBC allowed him 10 freaking minutes. When did Olbermann go from former Sports Center reject to heroic soapboxer against the rightwing agenda and historical footnoter of Clinton truths and Bush untruthiness?

To see the Daily Show’s reaction to the interview, ch check it

And to see a decent little interview with Clinton on the Daily Show check this.

One thought on “keith olbermann grows some, um how you say, cojones…”

  1. You are way behind the curve. Olbermann didn’t need to “grow” cojones. He already had them. He’s been a “heroic soapboxer against the right wing agenda and historical footnoter of Clinton truths and Bush untruthiness” for years now. Too bad it took this long for some people to notice. But don’t blame HIM for that.

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