hello.music round four — We Sang Modern English

hello.musicFinally… I took some time last night to finalize We Sang Modern English version FOUR.


The delays came from visiting guests (damn you Aryn!) and simple writer’s block. I have tracked any number of combinations of lyrics and melodies for the choruses (those really long gaps between verses)…but have yet to find anything I really like.

You will hear some sonic additions to the sound near the end…still experimenting with getting those right for some sort of climax to the song, but you will get the gist. So for the final January EP (next MONDAY!!!) I am making this song my main area focus to see if I can get it as close to done as possible. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “hello.music round four — We Sang Modern English”

  1. I think this is coming together nicely, are you planning on adding the chorus into it before final release? I am not sure it needs it..

  2. No I def. think it needs to have a chorus melody to tie it together. All the words I’ve tried come out too obvious and hamfisted. I need some new lines and phrasing to make it more oblique and let the listener fill in the details.

    I will finish it I swear.

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