January 2007 EP: Temporary Setback

Hello friends, family, fans, and mortal enemies! Though you may have heard these tracks in their formative days, join us in celebrating the official release of our first monthly EP, Temporary Setback.

“Monthly EP,” you say?

Here’s how this thing works. Each weekish, we like to post on the blog tidbits of music that we have each been working on for comments and critiques. This we call hello.music. But to keep our progress from being so open ended, we decided to do a monthly compilation that includes cover art, several tracks from the month, and some random notes. For Temporary Setback, Mike took charge of the EP title and tracklist. Aryn did the cover art, and I wrote the liner notes.

This month features six tracks that range from the acoustic loveliness of Mike’s “We Sang Modern English” to Aryn’s rockstar live recording of “Make Sure.” And “By Looking Out My Window” is my attempt at playing the concertina. Hopefully as we go along this year, you will see more and more collaborative tracks appear as we figure out how best to remotely record and share music with each other.

That is all for now. Feel free to leave comments here, and let us know what you think.


Past EP’s

Temporary Setback :: January 2007
Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies :: February 2007
First Pull Up, Second Pull Down, Third Take Away :: March 2007
Ancient Telephones :: April 2007
The Cavalry Arrived Again :: May 2007
Designed In Anticipation Of His Centennial Years :: June 2007
The Rundown :: July 2007
The Ninth Great Fire :: August 2007
Empty Bottles And Dog-Eared Books :: September 2007
I Can Fix Things In The Morning :: October 2007
We Are Full Of Useful Noise :: November 2007
The Last Duel :: December 2007

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