hello.music — February Challenge

RPM ChallengeIt is now less than ten minutes away from February 1st here on the east coast and with that comes a new challenge: the RPM Challenge. What is that you ask? It seems to be a challenge to musicians everywhere to create an album of music in 28 days…that is 10 songs or 35 minutes minimum (whichever comes first) for the month of February.

Much like those film festivals where you have 48 hours to make a movie or those writing competitions to write a novel, this gives aspiring and amateur musicians a kick in the right direction towards getting off the couch and making something.

We figured since we are already doing this EP a month project for our own efforts, why not expand our idea for the month of February and create a few more songs… As if we weren’t fired up and excited this will be a great way to show off what we’re doing and find other similar, like-minded and not-so like-minded types out there doing the same things. You can find us on the site listed as, typically, “Hello Come In.”

Follow on our blog here for the weekly progress of each of our new songs…make comments and take part. And like we did with our January EP, this February EP will come at the end of the month, both on our site and perhaps on the RPM website as well.

So here we are …now five minutes to go. Time to get those pencils sharpened, those notebooks open, those strings tuned, those drumheads tightened, those phantom powered microphones phantom powered, those fingers cracked, those computers charged up, those voices warmed up, and those neighbors warned of strange noises for the next month.

Should be a great month of music writing. Let the games begin!

UPDATE: All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen (who I interned for as production assistant for a year ago at NPR) did a great feature on the RPM Challenge last week.  Listen here…  And for those wondering, I’m pretty sure it was me who mentioned the project to him that he mentions.  Anyway…a few days in and I think we are all psyched about this challenge.