hello.music round eight — Cost of Things

hello.musicGreetings friends… it is Sunday early evening and I have spent a majority of the snowy cold weekend inside reading, writing, composing, recording, mixing, mastering and then rerecording, remixing and so on and on and on. But by my calendar widget, we have less than 3 days to finish the album in a month as part of the RPM Challenge.

I will save my reaction and pep talk for another post but needless to say its been incredibly fun, challenging and all encompassing to put the music first for the first time in a long time.

Here is yet another song I created today while taking a break from mastering other things. I was talking on the phone and picked up the guitar. While talking a started playing this chord progression. It sort of just came out which is strange for me. Within an hour I had it written and tracked and another hour later it was mixed. Not so sure about the lyrics yet…but this song is all mood. Pretty proud with how it all came together so quickly.

So without further ado… the first mix of Cost of Things.


2 thoughts on “hello.music round eight — Cost of Things”

  1. I think you are using the high pitched guitar trick we discovered? I love that sound; it reminds me of a music box. It’s really cool if you do really quick thumb strumbing with it- starts to sound like an electronic pad synth, though more natural than a lot of stock garageband stuff.

    i like this tune. There’s a repeated instrumental section towards the end that I love and think you should build more. I could see adding some sort of arpeggio line. Either a synth or guitar line. Some 16th note thing that fades in, then gets distorted out before the vocals come in. Just a thought…

  2. I’m definitely using that guitar effect…I loved it so much I had to use it again. Funny you say it sounds like a music box… I set that sound as a preset on my computer awhile back calling it “Music Box Guitar”

    What still surprises me about this song, and now by hearing it in the context of our album is how simple, yet full and moody it is…especially considering I really only wrote and recorded it in the course of a few hours tops. It was just one of those moments where I just DID it without overthinking it and it came out as one of my favourites I wrote fro this album.

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