hello.music round something or other — “A Call to Arms”

hello.musichere is a heroic little clip for you .. entitled “A Call to Arms” , it chronicles the invasion of some army and the native poeples of wherever gathering their weapons to fight back. Will they win? you be the judge.

A Call to Arms


3 thoughts on “hello.music round something or other — “A Call to Arms””

  1. Nice- I like the polyrhythms of the jingle bells and marching bass/guitar chords. I could see an anthemic choir of soldiers coming in right when the guitar line repeats the second time doubled. I think this would be a great melody to use if the soldiers are chanting war mongeringesque lyrics.

    Let me know if you want drums or vocals on anything- I think Mike and I have found a system that works well for easy and quick collaborations.

  2. Awesome.. yes i think March needs to be the month of group collaborations.. you will have to fill me in on the best way for that to work .

  3. the following is a chat transcript about the above song:

    Mike: you going to sing on this song?
    Mike: your bass is really loud on v.1 as well
    Mike: its clipping badly
    Aryn : yes
    Aryn: i know
    Aryn: i will fix that stuff today
    Aryn: not sure on the vocals
    Mike: it reminds me of a victor wooten bass explosion album
    Mike: ha
    Mike: i would make that the most subtle part of the song
    Mike: bring it way down
    Mike: under the synths
    Mike: the synth level could come up a bit
    Mike: and add some more guitar things perhaps
    Mike: the organ is good volume
    Aryn: cool
    Mike: this track is really loud in general
    Mike: volume-wise it could come down just a spot

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