Talkin’ Bout the Young Style…

One band I’ve been going back to a lot these days, Peter Bjorn & John seems to be blowing up with the youngsters right now. There has been a lot of buzz around this Sweedish chamber pop group with a love for sweet melodies. Their third album Writer’s Block came out in Europe last fall and has been out here in the States since early January, but everyone seems to be digging them, without any over hype burnout. … and rightfully so.

Drew Barrymore and Lily Allen like them therefore I should too!

The trio capture a healthy mixture of ’60s rock, new wave, and power pop but put just enough of their own spin on it to allow them to bubble to the top into something a bit more original. Nothing overtly groundbreaking here, but just some really catchy and flawless tunes.

They have been making the public radio and indie radio circuit plugging their album and upcoming tour, from NPR, to KCRW to even AOL Music’s and subsequent podcast The Interface. It was there I came across their brief stripped down performance. Here are two of those songs, including the infectiously perfect pop gem, and break out hit single “Young Folks.” Download full podcast here.

Paris 2004
Young Folks

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  1. I actually heard “Young Folks” on TV’s “How I Met Your Mother.” Please, don’t ask why I was watching the worst show on the tube, but it was after the Superbowl, and I was tired. PB&J’s wiki also has them on Grey’s Anatomy. If this zombified TV action doesn’t show mainstream success, I don’t know what does (but in a good way). On a side note, congrats to A2IM for a big win with the FCC’s payola ruling against the “big four.”

    More info here:

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