February 2007 EP : Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies

And we’re back! With the second installment of the year long series hello.music. We proudly present to you this months release: Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies.

February is an extra special month, because this album was created not only for our monthly EP release but also for the RPM Challenge, an effort to get musicians to create an album from scratch in only 28 days. It’s been a busy month, but we think we have stepped it up and elevated our own sense of quality. Check it out, tell your friends, enemies, families, cohorts, cronies, etc…

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UPDATE: At the beginning of the month, NPR’s All Songs Considered host, and All Things Considered director Bob Boilen did a really great feature on the RPM Challenge. Now that the month is over, he follows up with NPR’s Melissa Block and RPM organizer, Dave Karlotski about the experience. You can check out both stories here. And while you’re at it, take a look and a listen to other friends’ efforts: Robin Hilton, Bob Boilen, Thomas Pierce. ~HelloMike


Past EP’s

Temporary Setback :: January 2007
Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies :: February 2007
First Pull Up, Second Pull Down, Third Take Away :: March 2007
Ancient Telephones :: April 2007
The Cavalry Arrived Again :: May 2007
Designed In Anticipation Of His Centennial Years :: June 2007
The Rundown :: July 2007
The Ninth Great Fire :: August 2007
Empty Bottles And Dog-Eared Books :: September 2007
I Can Fix Things In The Morning :: October 2007
We Are Full Of Useful Noise :: November 2007
The Last Duel :: December 2007

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