One thought on “More Thao….”

  1. I swear I DO listen to other artists, but I can’t help but plug a pretty nice interview with Thao done by my friend Jen Turner of Brightest Young Things. But I’m also plugging this because she quoted me with the line about “boozy, out of tune” vocals.” And really I just enjoy the indirect attention.

    That phrase caught a little lighthearted flak on Thao’s MySpace page for those who thought I was referring to her as an alcoholic. In hindsight, sure it does sorta imply that when taken out of context…but really I just meant she had a dark, imperfect voice, a flailing, powerful energy and a carelessly fanciful approach to singing… reminded me of a great bourbon or whiskey.

    I have no idea if this helps my case or not….whatever.

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