December 2007 EP: Hello Come In, ‘The Last Duel’

One year (and change) after setting out to complete 12 mini albums in 12 months we’ve come to the end. It’s been an interesting challenge to keep up with, and we think we did pretty well despite not completing a single one by the end of its respective month. It was an exercise to see if we could expand our musicality beyond what we’ve done in the past. It was a way to keep up the momentum over the years despite ever increasing busy-ness between jobs, relationships, house cleaning, and laziness.

I’m not sure what the next year will bring, but I do hope that we can keep up this upward arch and continue to create, collaborate, remix, and produce our own music in our conquest of the internets. Thanks for the memories listeners. — Aryn Crowley, December 2007


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1. The Last Duel (Crowley)
2. Crushed (Johnson\Crowley)
3. Blood Red Skies (Katzif)
4. After Hours (Crowley)


Past EP’s

Temporary Setback :: January 2007
Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies :: February 2007
First Pull Up, Second Pull Down, Third Take Away :: March 2007
Ancient Telephones :: April 2007
The Cavalry Arrived Again :: May 2007
Designed In Anticipation Of His Centennial Years :: June 2007
The Rundown :: July 2007
The Ninth Great Fire :: August 2007
Empty Bottles And Dog-Eared Books :: September 2007
I Can Fix Things In The Morning :: October 2007
We Are Full Of Useful Noise :: November 2007
The Last Duel :: December 2007

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