Pop Culture Happy Hour: On Bojack Horseman, The Royals And More

Bojack Horseman. (Courtesy of Netflix)
Bojack Horseman. (Courtesy of Netflix)

This week, I got the thrill and honor to return to Pop Culture Happy Hour, the NPR podcast I helped create and produce for a few years. This show has always been one of my proudest achievements, so it was cool to be added back to the mix or rotating guest “fourth chairs” after three years away.

In this episode, we discuss the amazing and surprisingly moving Netflix series Bojack Horseman; then an old favorite segment People We’re Pulling For — where I make a case for this little team called the Kansas City Royals, who inexplicably are, like, good now. And then, what’s making me happy. Oh, yeah, and the whole PCHH gang talks, too. Take a listen:

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