Best Cover Songs Of 2009

Over at NPR Music, we’re wading through 2009’s best music: the best albums, songs and miscellanea from the past year. It’s admittedly obsessive and music geeky, but hey, that’s what it’s all about.

My main contribution to our coverage is a round-up of the year’s best cover songs, a genre that I can safely say is one of my favorites. This year seemed better than most with an outstanding number of great compilation and tribute albums featuring a wide array of cover songs. Take a look at the list — including my favorite ongoing project, Beck’s Record Club — and see Youtube videos of all my song choices here:

Judging By The Cover: The Best Cover Songs Of 2009

RPM Challenge 2009: Half Awake

Back in 2007, Hello Come In (Aryn, Greg and I) took part in the RPM Challenge which asks people to spend the month of February (28 days) writing and recording an entire album of music — 10 songs or 35 minutes of music whichever comes first. That album also served as the second EP in our year-long project to record a short EP of original music each and every month.

After laying low musically for nearly all of 2008, I’ve decided to undertake the challenge again this year. Today was the first day of the official challenge. To commemorate day one, I offer a song that I actually began writing last week or so, but hadn’t finished.

Here is where I am right now:

“Half Awake v3a” by Mike Katzif
[audio: Awake v3a.mp3]

I’m not totally thrilled with the mix (much to muddy for my taste), and I plan to add verses 2 and 3 once I finalize the vocals, but otherwise, happy with how it’s coming together. Stay tuned for the next 27 days for more updates and songs to hear.