Pop Culture Happy Hour: On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Paper Girls And More

I got the chance to crash the Pop Culture Happy Hour party again.

This time, we gathered to discuss the fantastic, hilarious show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which in the absence of Parks And Recreation is now my favorite network comedy.

Also on the show, we discuss a topic I originally suggested as a joke, mostly because due to being so busy with the day job and writing so much for NPR Music — plus the Royals being in the playoffs all of October — and not having much time to catch up on movies or TV. The topic title still cracks me up: Pop Culture I Hop To Finally Get Around To One Day When I Have Some Damn Spare Time To Myself Oh God I’m So Tired I Just Need To Lie Down For A Second But I Promise I’ll Get To It Soon.

Then, in What’s Making Me Happy this week, I talk about the first issue of a great new comic series Paper Girls, by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. It’s already so good.

One other note: This podcast was originally taped on Oct. 26, the day before the Royals started the World Series — but it dropped a few days after the team won it all. So you can prob hear a little bit of my hesitant optimism here because I’m sure I was a) just thrilled to be in the playoffs and World Series; and b) nervous that they might fall short. Luckily, in present day, I know we didn’t and won! So, relax Oct. 26 Mike, everything turns out just great in the end!