April 2007 EP : Ancient Telephones

Ancient TelephonesWell, we are a little behind for April’s EP, but mostly because we gathered in Chicago this past weekend to do some playing. In person! GASP! We have come up with a plan and a challenge for the May EP, but details of that will come shortly as we finalize our ideas. In the meantime, we are increasingly growing more excited about the project. Amazing to think we are in month four and starting month five.

For April, we’re proud to present our three song EP, Ancient Telephones. I think it goes without saying that our efforts are maturing and growing more ambitious (for better or worse is up to all of us to decide once we get some distance from it). But with that confidence we have also started expanding our sound: Check out the subtle drone of Greg’s harmonium, Aryn’s whistling mastery and maybe even my distorted vocals.

So without further ado, check out the album here, listen to our podcast here, and feel free to comment right here on our blog or write to us at aprilEP@hellocomein.com. Enjoy!


Past EP’s

Temporary Setback :: January 2007
Clouded Spaces, Falling Skies :: February 2007
First Pull Up, Second Pull Down, Third Take Away :: March 2007
Ancient Telephones :: April 2007
The Cavalry Arrived Again :: May 2007
Designed In Anticipation Of His Centennial Years :: June 2007
The Rundown :: July 2007
The Ninth Great Fire :: August 2007
Empty Bottles And Dog-Eared Books :: September 2007
I Can Fix Things In The Morning :: October 2007
We Are Full Of Useful Noise :: November 2007
The Last Duel :: December 2007

8 thoughts on “April 2007 EP : Ancient Telephones”

  1. We were THIS close to a real live CD release party for the EP from this past weekend. But I know every time I listen to this album, I will think fondly of our last minute crunchy spicey tuna roll at that sushi place. Nothing like victory sushi to celebrate a great new collection of musics.

  2. I’ve downloaded every song from every ep as of this morning. The shit is
    very interesting–I like the music, the liner notes, the web design,
    the effort, the cause, the camaraderie. Music sounds like a cross
    between zero7, bowie, pink floyd, and god knows what else. This is
    exactly what I like about it. It represents just how
    strange, interesting, familiar, and foreign your generation is to me.
    KEEP IT UP, one day you’ll be famous, don’t forget about the little
    people when you make it big. serious glad to know you guys for the time
    you spent in my jazz program. Why aren’t there more ii-v-i’s in the
    music??? TOTALLY KIDDING. Be free, be free. Mad love to all you three.

  3. I just listened to the April EP – extremely well done! Can’t wait to catch up with the previous releases and hear many more to come! I’m particularly impressed with your balance of talent, taste, humor, and style – the all around complete package. I’m very much more in the cheese category, which fits me just fine. The best I can asipre to is tasteful cheese – another sentence ending with a hyphened clause.

    Hope to see you all soon!

  4. What!? How did I miss the March EP?

    Ok, I’m getting it now…

  5. i actually found a reference to an ‘ancient telephone’ in a book i was reading recently. and it was an awesome reference. this woman was flying the first england to north america flight in the thirties when her plane started to falter over the ocean. she dove and twisted and rode out the breeze until she landed just over a cliff onto the westernmost section nova scotia. she crashed into a peet bog and slowly climbed out to see a desolate stretch of uninhabited swamp. but then, by the edge of the cliff she saw an “ancient telephone,” installed originally for the survivors of shipwrecks. And the line was still good.


  6. Greg,

    I just listened to the latest EP. I loved it!

    I left a comment on your blog, but it hasn’t shown up. I don’t know much about blogs, so in case it doesn’t post, I wanted to tell you firsthand that I enjoyed the music and really like the whole feel and idea that you guys are onto.

    Well done!

    Also, would you be interested in grabbing some lunch today?


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