May 2007 EP : The Cavalry Arrived Again

The Cavalry Arrived Again

Once again, we fell a bit behind. But as I look at the publish date for April, I see we beat that by a whole day! So here it is, our proud little three song EP for May, The Cavalry Arrived Again.

The plan, as the folklore will recall, was to independently write three songs in isolation and no discussion between us (though we cheated a bit there) using a common bass line that followed a chord progression we wrote together in Chicago nearly a month ago.

As it turned out, our challenge, dreamed up as a way to change up the process a little, proved to be more demanding. It can be difficult, when life and jobs and other activities start to creep in, to find the time and ambition to be creative. At different times, I think all of us were feeling a bit burnt out and under-inspired. But as the days crept away, I think this collection of music came together nicely.

With Greg’s deconstructionist approach, Aryn’s hand percussion whimsy and my set of lyrics that have staring roles in not one, but TWO songs (I still find it strange to hear Aryn sing my words in his song), I think we somehow found a good last-minute flow of songs.

So without further ado, check out the album here, listen to our podcast here, befriend us on MySpace, and feel free to comment right here on our blog or write to us at Enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “May 2007 EP : The Cavalry Arrived Again”

  1. Here are the original lyrics as I conceived them for my song… Aryn took some liberties in his arrangement but there you go:

    the cavalry arrived again
    armed with photographs of times back then

    they all lined up in my doorway
    with their muskets and their horses made of clay

    and sifting through my recent past
    thumbtacked Polaroids of faces all recast

    and fixing up their bayonets
    reminded me of when we first met

    historical implications of all my life’s complications
    have gone

    but way back then dressed to the nines
    in their corduroys and shirts with skinny ties

    the cavalry burned away the past
    with tiny particles and chemicals made of glass

    historical implications of all my life’s complications
    have gone

    historical implications of all my life’s complications
    have gone

  2. Yeah, I took quite a few takes to figure out what I liked.. and decided to rearrange some as it went along.. Even with the chord changes the same, same (well maybe similar) set up of lyrics, we still have very unique outputs of songs.. Good to know we have different brains after all..

  3. so when I recorded Bayonets I actually had the full chords played out in that crunchy rhodes sound ( which is through the homemade amp) and when I transfered it over to live to add vocals I forgot to transfer that part, which actually turned out better I think.. gives it a sparser sound.

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